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tv   News Nation  MSNBC  July 1, 2014 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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property. the white house insists the additional troops are not a -- that is slalic extremists from isis are planning attacks in western europe and in the united states. more on that and on the growing u.s. troop presence. richard engel has the details out of baghdad. >> reporter: good morning. they're here to protect the u.s. embassy, also, the baghdad international airport. the extra 300 brings the total number of u.s. service-members to around 1,000. several hundred were already here when the crisis began. but the escalation shows how the u.s. is increasingly taking this threat from isis very seriously. both the threat to iraq and to the united states. simple u.s. counter terrorism officials say the threat from isis to u.s. interests is, quote, extremely high.
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isis has built a roster of suicide bombers including hundreds with european passports. >> we are going for barack obama. >> reporter: isis' rapid advance from syria to iraq is winning the group new recruits and the admiration of some other terrorists including one of the world's most well-known bomb makers. the saudi extremist and alleged creator of the so-called underwear bomb that near lly brought down a flight from detroit in 2009. >> the goal of the group is to strike in the west. this is what they strive for. it's a concern of u.s. intelligence. >> reporter: isis has fighters, weapons, a safe haven, and clear international ambitions. washington had been hoping a political solution could help ease this crisis here. today the iraqi parliament met
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in baghdad, amid tight security. the only thing they agreed to was hold another meeting next year. it was a failure. >> thank you. bobby, thank you for your time. let's pick up on where richard left off. we know the united states is always a target. here isis -- some of the members, hundreds have european passports and one of the lethal bomb makers in the world has pledged his allegiance to isis. what are the concerns right now other than those obvious? >> the concerns is that if they have a sachb haven from which to launch attacks, they can plan, train, and they can use the fact they have all of these fighters who have european passports and american passports as sort of weapons when they go back home. they've gotten their hands on serious weapon i are when they have taken iraqi military positions, ammunitions, and explosive.
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they indicated they're not hiding their admission. they want to make attacks on the west they indicated. there was a man arrested in paris who had connections to isis. i think it's just the start of what we're going to see. if the group is not dealt a serious blow the quickly, the longer they're allowed to keep territory, the more dangerous they become. >> to your point about the safe haven, the ammunition. all of these things reminiscent when our focus was on afghanistan and the taliban was giving a safe haven to al qaeda. now so you a situation where the president up the ante and the number of troops there. they say this is not mission creep. but if the threat is as lethal as suggested. how could it not turn into something more which was predicted? >> it looks like mission creep and smells like it. it's mission creep. >> given the obvious threat. >> and i understand the political difficulties of it. we have to take out the bad guys
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and we're sending in more soldiers. you have to make excuses. it's interesting a lot of countries who have interests and citizens in iraq are sending in troops. the british and the french aren't doing it. we're doing it. i think it tells us something. >> iraq's parliament met today to form a new government including picking a prime minister. they go nowhere after the suen s and kurds walked out. what can the united states do to perhaps move that ball? >> by itself, nothing. but it needs to marshall international opinion and district -- direct it at iraq. one thing is happening, our interests and iran's interests seem to be running parallel. iran is beginning to have second thoughts about supporting maliki. we want maliki out. most countries outside of iraq want maliki out. a large population in iraq wants maliki out. he was surviving largely on the
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strength of iranian backing. now it looks like iran is agreeing with us that maliki is a problem and cannot be part of the solution. >> one interesting note isis created a lot of enemies even along sunnis who see their brutality and lack of care for any life as a problem. >> look, for most iraqi's isis' world view is an extreme interpretation. we've seen it before. we saw it when al qaeda first rose in iraq. it was iraqi tribes that turned against them. it will happen. for the moment -- for that to happen there needs to be a political solution. as long as isis is fighting the iraqi government and the iraqi government is not doing enough for the sunnis. the sunnis will look at the lesser of the two evils and continue to support isis. they may not agree with them and share their philosophy and world view. they'll see them as the enemy enemy. that's a problem we can't fix.
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only a government in baghdad can fix. >> thank you very much. to a developing story out of israel. this is a heartbreaking images coming in. funerals are being held now for the three israeli teens who have been missing for more than two weeks. the bodies of the three teens were found yesterday under a pile of rocks. one of the teens held a dual israeli american citizenship. they were allegedly abducted by hamas while they were hitching home. israel launched a response already. [ explosion ] >> in fact, israel set off an explosion as it raided the home of one of the suspects in the killings early in morning. the military also says that attacked 34 sites in retaliation for hamas strikes over the past two days. hamas is warning the retaliation, quote, is opening up the gates of hell. joining me now is israel's
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consul general to new york. thank you for your time. first, these images, we can show, again, the video of the funerals being held right now. there's outrage throughout the world. given what has happened to these young men. >> these are very difficult times for all of us in israel and here in new york. jews and nonjews alike. there are several services organized here in new york. the whole nation is grieving and mourning with the families. >> the president released his statement shortly after the news yesterday saying in part the united states condemns and the strongest possible terms the senseless act of terror against innocent youth. i urge all parties to refrain from steps that could further destabilize the situation. what are you bracing yourself for? >> we appreciate the fact that president obama and his administration consistently stood by israel, and we appreciate the support we're getting from all over the world. we are looking at a century old
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assault on jewish national sovereignty in the land of israel. hamas represents an uncomprising palestinian organization that calls openly for the construction of state of israel. that looks at every israeli as a legitimate target. there is no surprise among v israelis to discover that hamas, is indeed responsible for the atrocity. >> as you know, hamas denied responsibility. they praised the -- the leadership praised the on ductions but indicated they would not take responsibility because they were not behind this. what do you say to that. are those empty lost words? >> what do we know? they are well-known hamas areas. the mother one said openly to israeli channel 10 she's proud much her son. the families they come from are well-known in hamas circles.
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more than that, hamas leader only less than a month ago openly called for palestinians to attack innocent israelis. he specifically mentioned kidnapping. if this is not enough, all you have to do is look at the charter of hamas. what hamas is saying openly and publicly calling for the destruction of the state of israel, calling for the e aniegslation. >> benjamin netanyahu meet iing overnight. israel launched some 34 attacks at sites early this morning. most belonging to hamas in response to at least rockets that were launched into israel since sunday here. again, to the initial question. what are you bracing for? the president expressed concern it would be a situation that could destabilize that region that is already, as you know, very well unstable, but what are
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you bracing yourself for as, again, these images of these young men, their pictures, the video from their funeral is broadcast throughout the world >>well, prime minister netanyahu said clearly that hamas is responsible and hamas will pay. the government headed by prime minister netanyahu, the security cabinet will convene again today. they will make the decision as to the scope and the magnitude of the israeli response. but make no mistake, we know exactly what we're up against. we're up against an organization that is deadly, that is brutal. with no hesitation murdered three innocent boys, and we will take the right steps to protect ourselves. >> thank you very much for your time, sir. >> thank you. ukrainian security forces are launching assault against prorussian separatists after poroshenko halted the ten-day crease fire.
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the end of the crease fire with the address to the nation early this morning saying we kwob wet,ly attack and free our country. me maid the decision after meeting with his national security council. despite the short-lived crease fire. the fighting never ended. he shopped separatists would disarm and begin a broader peace process beginning amnesty in new elections. the rebels refused to disarm or comply with the push to get them to overturn or turn over keyboarder crossings with russia. we're following developing news at home. severe weather hit the midwe midwest. the national hurricane center officially named the first tropical storm of the season. take a look at the weather in the midwest. this is chicago massive flooding, which is not what you're seeing here. forced travelers out of o'hare operate to get out of their cars. this is some of the people who were forced to get out of their
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cars as a result of flooding, which we have video of that as well. there's also some severe weather out of omaha, cedar rapids, iowa. roads collapsed from flash flooding. swallowing two cars. they were stuck for several hours. crews in southeastern wisconsin were out today clearing debris left behind after a powerful storm rolled through the area. outside of milwaukee, broken limbs littered the street. as for the tropical depression, mike seidel joins us. what can you tell us, mike? >> hey, tamron. as you mentioned the hurricane center upgraded it to the first tropical storm of the season named arthur. maximum sustained winds are 40 miles per hour. drifting northwest at 2 miles per hour. here at melbourne beach we're under a tropical storm watch from around daytona to flagler, those areas under a tropical storm watch. now the water is coming up high
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tide in the next half hour. last night's high tide did eat some of the beach away. we have folks out here on the beach. here is where they are. trying to work on the tan. what happens as they come out and a shower comes in and sends them back to the pool and hotel. as far as the latest radar. there it is. the heavy rain is still on the southern end of the rotation. it's off miami, off fort laud dale toward the bahamas. that's where the rain is. we've had a few showers pin wheel in on the northwest side. we've had quick five minute downpours over the past couple of hours. here is the track right now. expect it to ride off the coast tonight and tomorrow. and then head up toward the outer banks by friday monk. by then it could be a minimal hurricane. we don't know how the exact trek will go. certainly west of the outer banks or east of the outer banks if it stays off the coast. you have less impacts on shore. all forecasts take it well off the east coast.
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you don't get any direct impacts in long island and cape cod. the surf will come up and be breezy friday and saturday. we're watching this but we have an offshore storm or depression here in florida. the impact basically is some wind, locally heavy rainfall, the real concern right now would be the eastern part of north carolina, the outer banks and that would be late thursday into friday. >> wow. all right, mike. thank you very much. i didn't know what to expect we went to you. i thought you would have sunny skies and calm water. but that obviously is not the case! we'll see what happens throughout the weekend. thank you very much, mike. team usa and all of their fans getti inting ready for tod match. the do or die game kicks off in a few hours. will the u.s. striker return to the field today? that's the big question. we're live with the latest outside the stadium in brazil. also ahead. . >> the failure of house republicans to pass a darn bill is bad for our security, it's bad for our economy.
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welcome back. a few hours away from the big world cup match showdown. as team usa gets ready to take on belgium in the round 16. the do or die round. it kicks off 4:00 p.m. eastern time. millions of people are expected to tune in.
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with the frenzy parties across the country. thousands of people joining in. one of the largest, by the way, expecting 20,000 people in chicago where they will gather at soldier field. nbc bill neely in brazil will the u.s. is hoping to book their trips to the quarter finals. we've got the fever! i know what a striker is. i know, some of the players' name. here we are for the big dance. >> yeah. a lot hinges on jozy altidore. he's been deemed fit to play. that doesn't mean he'll be starting. it was a serious hamstring injury. he looks quiet slow. i don't think coach jurgen klinsmann will risk him at the beginning. the u.s. needs attacking players. the u.s. has the second worst attack in the world cup so far.
8:20 am
number 31 out of 32 teams. they don't keep possession of the ball enough. they haven't had enough attempts on goals. they need someone like altido altidores, especially because the team they will play, belgium, has a wonderful defensive record. they are very, very hard too break down. look, it's the knockout stage. the u.s. and belgium. it's 50/50. anyone can get it. >> absolutely. that's a good odd to have. 50/50. what are some of the -- i guess keys to success for the u.s. as you pointed out the striker, jozy altidore likely not to play here. what are some of the keys that might pull us through this time, though? >> i think there's a negative and a positive. let's look at belgium. first of all, they are a young team, incredibly gifted team. some people tip them as the dark horses of the world cup to do very well. but they only -- they have won all the games. they've only won by by one goal.
8:21 am
the belgian press feel they are underperforming. there's a chance there. the u.s. team is hungry, it's confident. and jurgen klinsmann is a world cup winner himself. he's been trying to fill the people with belief. there it your moment. so you proved nothing so far. you did great to get out of the group of death. this is your moment. and some who are over 30, it might be your last world cup. go out there, relax, express yourselves. and i think he's done a good job inside the players's minds of getting them ready for this. it could be an anxious belgium team against a hungry u.s. team. in is the knockout stage. it's do or die win and you go through. lose and they're on the plane home. >> all right, bill. to hear you recite klinsmann's words got me hyped up. georgia's so-called guns everywhere bill is now lawed.
8:22 am
people can bring licensed guns into bars, schools, churches, among other places. and now those locations are scrambling to follow the law. plus, this. >> there's no crack in our pies. [ laughter ] >> you don't hear that every day. why the first lady had to clarify what is inside those very addictive white house pies. it's just one of the things we thought you should know this morning. the blisters and the pain in my scalp area and down the back of my neck was intense. it would have been virtually impossible in that confined space with the rash to move to change radio frequencies. i would just stop and literally freeze up. i mean it hurt. i couldn't even get up and drive let alone teach somebody and be responsible in an airplane. when my doctor told me that shingles came from the chickenpox virus i was very surprised. for two weeks i sat up in bed because i couldn't lay down.
8:23 am
i had the scabs all throughout the side of my head and into the upper neck region. i didn't want to do anything except go to sleep and have the pain be over. as a pilot that meant i was grounded.
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secretary of state john kerry is in panama today. he's meeting the leaders of el salvador, guatemala, and hondur honduras. more than 52,000 unaccompanied children, mostly from central america, have been apprehended entering the united states illegally since last october. kerry's trip comes a day after president obama announcing he's ready to go at it alone on immigration reform. the president accused congress
8:26 am
of dragging its feet and promised to take executive action on the issue by the end of the summer. >> i would love nothing more than bipartisan legislation to pass the house, the senate, land on my desk, so i can sign it. the only thing i can't do is standby and do nothing while waiting for them to get their act together. >> in a written statement speaker of the house john boehner called president obama's announcement, quote, sad and disappointing and said the american people dobb don't trust the president to enforce existing laws. joining me now usa news contribute e contributor. but the other lingering immigration issues that have not been buttoned up. >> for example, the most 11 million undocumented people here. it's roughly equal to the size
8:27 am
of 0 ohio. the president can do is expand deferred action to include, for example, the family of the dreamers. we won't be breaking apart families. he could end the controversial programs like secure communities and operation streamline that give people felony convictions or put them into the deportation pipeline. what he can do is possibly suspend deportation. that's going big and bold. it's something many of the immigrant advocates want. we don't know if he's going to go that far. >> let me pause you. some of the president's supporters who turned critics regarding the deportations and the numbers that are staggering under his leadership, they want to see some changes there. >> they are looking for very bold, expansive action. we don't know how far he's going to go. the fact is just he finally, finally stepped up and delinked his own immigration strategy from that of the congress. that's huge. for so long he's been waiting
8:28 am
and acting behind the scene. he's been deferring to congress. meanwhile getting all the pressure from progressives and certainly from latino voters and the immigrations right community to act. he said that's it and i'll move ahead. i think it's the type of moral authority and so many on the left want to see in this president. >> moving to the other headline, of course, the images of these children in the centers. president obama requested $2 billion to deal with the immediate crisis of the unaccompanied children flooding the border. secretary kerry in panama with big meetings regarding the crisis. what do you see as the next logical step within region. there are complicating factors. international law implicates deporting all of these individuals. >> it's going to be a test for the president. he's going to congress and seeking additional funds for the lo jig call handling of the children. he's seeking to change the 2002
8:29 am
law that basically lets them stay here. the fact is it's going to be difficult. we have international agreements on refugees and asylum that said we cannot just deport children. the other thing, think of the broader picture. this is a country, a congress we couldn't do the dream act. we couldn't allow undocumented young people to serve in the military. we couldn't protect our border to strengthen our economy with immigration we form. one thing we can agree on is deport children, that's not going to reflect on anyone. i think that's a vote that many democrats and republicans, with the exception of the true hard liners want to avoid. >> i want to play a sound we got in from president obama. he was with the cabinet and made new comments regarding working with congress. >> what i'm going to be conti e continually pushing throughout this year and the next couple of years is if congress can't act
8:30 am
on core issues that would make a difference in helping middle class families get ahead, we're going have to be creative about how we can make real progress. keep in mind that my preference is always going to be to work with congress and get legislation done. that's how we get some more permanent things, and as i mentioned yesterday with respect to immigration, whatever we do administratively is not going to be sufficient to solve the broken immigration system. the same is true when it comes to infrastructure. we'll be talking about how we need to renew the highway trust fund. but more importantly, we could potentially put people to work all across the country. roads, bridges, and put construction workers back to work. that will boost our economy enormously. now is the time to do it. but that requires congressional action. and so we're always going to
8:31 am
prefer working on a bipartisan basis to get things done. that's what folks expect out of washington. they're not looking for excuses. they're not looking for a lot of partisan sniping. but if congress is unable to do it, then all of our cabinet members here ahead of big agencies that touch people's lives in all sorts of ways. i'm going to be continuing looking for ways in which we can, you know, show some real progress. and the second topic that we're going be spending a lot of time. >> this is president obama just a short time ago addressing some of the complicating factors in getting legislation through congress. most along aid logical lines. i remember early on when many people believed early on at the beginning of last year we would see comprehensive immigration reform. there was optimism. now we are halfway through the year and the president is taking executive action saying, even as it relates to legislation to
8:32 am
help middle class americans if he doesn't have a congress that is willing to work with him. >> right. in his favor, politically, is this that's when he gets in front of an issue and takes action. it makes whatever their respective positions. it makes the republicans look small. look at the immigration reform. the republicans are coming off a year of inaction. it's just more rhetoric that threatening to sue the president, trying to blame him for the crisis of children along the border. so by comparison, i think most americans tend to preference action as opposed to doing nothing. with the children my grant c cases. in the u.s. right now we have 220 immigration judges. that's it. there are many vacancies but republicans will not approve them. they see them as potentially increasing the number of people
8:33 am
to stay. 220 to process the children. >> thank you very much. greatly appreciate you stick around as we also got that new comment from president obama. thank you. up next democrats are plotting their response to yesterday's narrow ruling from the supreme court. and the reaction continues to pour in. >> i find it deeply disturbing that we are going in that direction. >> republicans, conservatives declaring victory. our team said democrats can use contraception as a wedge issue with the female voters. mark murray picks up the conversation next. the search is underway for the iowa teen who was swept away into a storm drain. it's one of the storms we're following around the "newsnation." e 6- uh-huh. yes! well, i found this new thing... called allstate quickfoto claim. it's an app. you understand that? just take photos of the damage with your phone
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welcome back. new reaction today after the supreme court ruled that family-owned corporations do not have to pay for contraceptive
8:37 am
coverage under president obama's health care law. a former secretary of state hillary clinton blasted the ruling calling it deeply disturbing and indicating it could set a dangerous precedent. >> you know there are companies that may be closely held by employers who don't believe in blood transfusions. that's a religious belief that certain people hold. does that mean if you have need for a blood transfusion your insurance policy doesn't have to cover it? so, i mean, this is a bad slippery slope. >> with more on the slippery slope some predicted the political fallout of the ruling. i'm joined by nbc news mark murray. you were here with us during the breaking news. the analysis regarding the ruling is something you hit on. i heard it throughout the day what it means for women voters >>well, and we have seen polling in our own nbc wall street journal poll we ended uptaking in march. it was during the oral arguments face of the case.
8:38 am
it got a lot of publicity. 59% of females don't think that employers should be exempt from being able to cover birth control. and much higher percentage than the male counter part. there's a big gender divide here. we saw a clip from hillary clinton, you know, where women are a lot more engaged on this issue then men. that might have a 2014 impact one way or the other. oftentimes we see the side that ends up losing a supreme court case has the energy early on. it's important to remember the midterm elections are four months away. it's unclear whether this will be on the forefront of a lot of women's minds four months from now during the midterm elections. democrats are hoping it motivates them and they have an issue to play during the midterms. >> the wall street journal many pointed to today said in part, the political overkill suggests that democrats are secretly
8:39 am
delighted by the ruling which they hope to use to scare women to the polls and salvage their shaky midterm prospects. again, you know, it's interesting, yes, four months is a long away away. the issue of women's health, contraception, it's not a bleeding topic. let me tell grow a women's mind and not you were implying that. there are, you're right, to your point topics that fade out as time goes on. this certainly has, i think, sticking power for obvious reasons for women. >> you're right. it's not a fleeting issue. i think what has a sticking power. the battle over contraception in the general. we've seen democrats being able to capitalize on 2012. republicans making mistakes. whether it was todd akin's remarks in the 2012 missouri senate contest or others where republicans in either intensionally or not being against some contraception.
8:40 am
republicans say that's not the case. democrats want to be able to make the case. when you lock the polling the way that chuck todd and members of the political unit have. democrats are in a better position with women voters than in 2010. that's important. it's going to be an uphill midterm election. that's way they can limit their losses in some of these senate contests. >> great analysis. thank you very much, mark. a 12-year-old boy scout died from a gunshot wound from a california summer camp. investigators are looking into what happened. plus this. >> okay. >> so the unimaginable sight. a guy clinging to the back of a car on the busy interstate. it's one of the stories we're following around the "newsnation." defiance is in our bones. defiance never grows old.
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a boy scout shot and killed
8:44 am
at the campsite. s to our looks at stories around the "newsnation" today. it happened yesterday morning at the camp in san diego. police say the 12-year-old was discovered inside a tent suffering from gunshot wound. authorities told our affiliate they thought it was self-infl t self-inflicted wound. they say later he may have been shot more than once in the upper torso. they're awaiti ining autopsy ru results. search crews in iowa are looking for a 17-year-old boy who was swept away in an overflowing storm drain. three teens were playing frizz bee yesterday in cedar rapids. one was swept in the storm sewer. a second was swept in when he tried to help. he came out more than a mile away. take a look at this, drivers frantically calling police saturday as they saw a man, as you see, hanging on the back of car while it sped down the busy highway in charlotte, north carolina. at one point, the man smashed the glass and climbed inside.
8:45 am
police say it was a result of a domestic dispute. oh, my goodness! the woman driving had her two kids in the car. but she did not press charges. >> the license gun owners in georgia can carry guns into schools, bars, nightclubs, and even the airport and some government buildings. the controversial gun law goes into effect. the measure known as safe carry protection act was signed by the governor, nathan deal in april. opponents are calling it guns everywhere bill. and now that it's officially the law, businesses are wrestling with what to do. joining me now jim galway. he's written about how residents and business areas in the atlanta area are preparing for the law. thank you for joining me. >> good to be here. >> let's start with what you're hearing from the businesses who are not perhaps ready to embrace
8:46 am
the new law. >>well, actual, the concern is more on the governmental side. the bill -- the bill actually gives all private property owners the right to control who comes on your property and who doesn't come on to your property with a gun. the concern is in public spaces. in school systems, school systems had been given the right to arm teachers and administrators. but none out of 180 school systems in the state, so far, as i know none have gone the route yet. you have city halls and public libraries wrestling whether or not to put up security -- to hire security or to allow concealed weapons. >> jim, with these businesses, to your point, they have the right to determine what they're going to do with their business. however, we've seen in the past
8:47 am
business owners, perhaps lose customers or see protests out front if they appear to reject gun laws. >> oh, sure. absolutely. it's become with franchise chains, restaurants, we have a great venue of people who are putting up signs, please, no weapons. and -- but then you have the you've got an active second amendment enthoous yis crowd here. they're liable to be protested against. one of the private property owners that is mot affected by this are churches. churches -- the bill has an opt-in provision. it's a very curious. we have a republican governor but he didn't want a summer filled with debates of church congregations forced to decide whether or not to allow to bar
8:48 am
guns from their premises. it's an opt-in provision. congregations have to have a positive vote to allow guns on to their property. you've had a number of -- the denominations that are controlled by bishops, primarily, they determined on their property guns will not be allowed. baptists are ruled by democratic vote with the congregation. they're struggling with the issue. >> we should note similar bills have gone through legislative offices around the country, missouri, oklahoma, tennessee. just to name three. thank you, we appreciate your time. up next we return to brazil for one more update before we wrap up. team usa preparing to face belgium in a few hours from now. and this do or die match. let us know what you think. go to twitter or facebook. if you think team usa can pull it off.
8:49 am
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there is a lot going on this morning and here's some things we thought you should know. a court in belgium ordered a newly opened sex club called the dsk to change its name. it is a legally victory for the man known by the initials and the former head of the international monetary fund and faced charges of assaulting a maid in a hotel in 2011. the charges were dropped. he's been on a legal offensive lately with suing the makers of a new movie "welcome to new york" in which an actor plays a sex addict that sexually assaults a maid jarks first lady michelle obama set the record straight after the president made a joke last evening while praising retiring white house pastry chef bill yassis. >> we call bill the trust master
8:53 am
because his pies, i don't know what he does, whether he puts crack in them or -- but -- >> no, he doesn't. there is no crack in our pies. >> there's no crack in our pies. those are the things we just thought you should know today. that is hilarious. back to brazil now where in a few hours team usa will be laying it all on the line against belgium in the world cup. the winner moves over. a potential matchup with argentina on saturday. the loser goes home if they choose. a sports writer kevin baxter is getting ready and joins us by phone. how are you doing, kevin? >> all right. >> there's a new nbc news poll that just came out saying 6 in 10 americans, 61% say they either have very little interest or no interest in the world cup.
8:54 am
i mean, every bar, every person i pass seems to be into this. what do you think? >> well, i think it -- the question is kind of a problem. if you asked that question before the election, you know, look at voting numbers. 60% of the people say they don't vote. i don't know that you can really judge it on that. >> okay. >> people that do care, you see people like you said in bars and restaurants, 20,000 fans soldier field. jerry jones opened up his stadium in dallas. i think there is a lot of interest in the world cup and think part of the reason is this team. i think it sort of captured the imagination. the u.s. team frankly not that good but they're playing, you know, over their heads. playing great and a chance to go to the quarterfinals and be the second time since 1930 a u.s. team made it that far. >> playing in over their heads, why -- what's making them successful? i mean, how do you explain it then? >> well, it's one of those intangible things, hard to
8:55 am
explain. looking at the statistics, the u.s. has the worst -- there's a formula for figuring this out and i won't bore you with that but the u.s. has the worst offense in the world cup. 32nd out of 32 teams, worse than iran. yet, they have scored just nuf goals to get to the second round. collectively not playing that well. but they have lost the possession battle in every game. every statistic you look at but yet here's the team in the second round and one of those pluck i can little teams, the coach is a master motivator and he has the guys believing this they're good enough to be here and they are here now and that's why i think the match is so interesting. belgium is one of the elite teams and not playing well. this is a team that is not achieving as it should and a team way overachieving. >> all right. we'll see what happens. enjoy the game. we will be watching here, of course. thank you so much. we'll see what happens at 4:00 p.m. eastern time when the game starts. thank you. that does it for this edition of "news nation."
8:56 am
the gut check is online dealing with raising the age to buy cigarettes to 21. what state is looking at that. cast your vote. tomorrow i'll talk with former star trek actor george takai about the documentary following his journey from internment camp. up next, "andrea mitchell reports." it's time for the your business entrepreneurs of the week. trent and joey grew up traveling on a bus with their gospel music singing family. knowing about what makes a good bus ride, they started hemphill brothers coach company. for more, watch "your business" sunday mornings. if i can impart one lesson to a new business owner, it would be one thing i've learned is my philosophy is real simple american express open forum is an on-line community, that helps our members connect and share ideas
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and ask your doctor about celebrex. for a body in motion. (music) defiance is in our bones. defiance never grows old. citracal maximum. calcium citrate plus d. highly soluble, easily absorbed. right now on "andrea mitchell reports," going it alone. one day after fed-up president obama declared immigration reform and announced he's taking executive actions to change policy, the president is challenging republicans again today. >> if congress can't act on core issues that would make a difference and helping middle class families get ahead, then we're going to have to be creative about how we can make real progress. striking back. israel target it is gaza strip with air strikes overnight after
9:00 am
three missing israeli teens were found murdered. one of the boys was 16-year-old american citizen frankel. his mother seen here appealing for help after the teens were abducted and missing for weeks. >> we trust that yal and the boys coming home on the way from school and just on their way home. will be with us here and we'll hug them soon. now it is a day of grief and mourning with funeral services under way for those three teens. record recall. another major recall from gm connected once again to that faulty ignition switch and driving the year's total recalls to more than 25 million cars. and finally, and perhaps most importantly today, don't stop believing. >> get the cabinet together this morning because we all know


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